Thursday, February 4, 2010


My blog writing has been a little scarce.
My time at home feeling well? Also a little scarce.
And, if you came over to my house lately, you can bet I would make my self scarce.

I've been volunteering with the Miss Auburn pageant, which ends tomorrow night. We've been gone 15- 17 hours a day for the last two days. It's been insane. So, I'll be a little scarce for the rest of this week, and probably next, just for some catch up time. I hope you're doing well. Thanks for reading and commenting. Nothing quite makes me smile like seeing comments in my in-box.


balloongal said...

Here's a comment to make you smile.

Tina and Dan said...

I know the feeling! Were you sick the entire pregnancy with your first? I hope for your sake it doesn't last too long! Hope you find time to take it easy!

Kevin or Anda said...

Did you see Becky Home-ecky's blog this week? She's got her bundle of joy! Something for us to look forward to. :)