Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogging Vacation

I have had this space on my mind a lot for the last few weeks- what I want to do with it, what I want it to be, what I want do with life.  Mostly, I want it to be what it is, only living in the ranger's housing at the state park we recently vacationed in.  I've decided to take the rest of July off from writing, and to come back strong in August.   I hope your summer is lovely and restful and fun, and I'll see you here in two weeks.

Friday, July 6, 2012

InstaFriday 7.6.12

1. making friends with baby CJ, who fascinated him. 2. don't paint on cold meds.  3. making 4th of July shirts. 4.  birthday tutu for my niece. 5. cupcakes for my sister, decorated by Stinky.  6.  blocks on a rainy day. 7.  Goodnight Gorilla- read twice a day.  8. crayon-resist letters.  9- nighttime ritual.

Things have been really crafty around here lately- I hope to do a massive catch up post soon featuring what we've been up to, but for now, family is visiting from out of town, adding that to regular life, and we're busy around here.  Hope your summer is gloriously busy, too.

life rearranged