Monday, September 12, 2011

I Made it Monday: Rotten's Duck Birthday Party

I don't know why I thought doing a birthday party, Rotten's surgery, starting rehearsals for a play, and WBH going back to work all in one week wouldn't be a big deal. It was. It was a pretty stressful week, and as I look at the pictures of me from Rotten's party, it showed.
However, I think the party went off pretty well. We let kiddos play outside, then came in for the traditional birthday stuff. Here's how it looked:

favors - inside each bag was a rubber duck (colors coordinated on the outside, so you could choose), and some cookies (below).

Cross royal icing off my 30 for 30.  We'll try again, though! 

Unfortunately, our cakes were ill-fated and we had to call in a ringer.

Rotten didn't mind.

Until it got in his eyes.  

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