Monday, September 19, 2011

September Mourn

Transition, I am learning, is something I do not do well.  I love to go places with my kids, and they're usually great once we get there.  I struggle with getting all of us out the door with the appropriate supplies for the day without getting snappy at everyone.   So it shouldn't surprise me that in spite of a deep love for autumn, September is not my favorite month.  It's a month of constant transition.

First, WBH goes to back to work, which is a change for all of us in schedule, and in not having a second parent at home.  Then, just as we've gotten used to that change, Stinky's preschool starts again.  I love the return to routine, but dread shifting gears.

I've been dreaming up ways in my head to change my attitude about this time of year.  Do I try to make it more fun by starting new traditions?  Should we do a back to school feast and discuss our goals and dreams for the school year?  Do I fill my home with autumnal scents by baking up a storm?  Do I get nest-y and do a very belated spring cleaning and get out the fall decorations as soon as the calendar page is turned?  Or do I allow myself to wallow in the sulky feeling that inevitably hits me on WBH's first day back at school for a little while, then move on once it's passed?  I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle ground, but I haven't found it yet.

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M said...

Well, everyone is different, but I sort of figure the transition is hard enough without adding in new stuff. So I think I would opt for a version of the Wallow. While not sulking, I think I would allow myself a week "off" to just have pajama days with the kids and eat popcorn and watch movies and color and not get much done. Just hang out.

There's plenty of time and energy for decorating and new traditions once Stinky is back in pre-school and you only have the one munchkin demanding your attention, you know?