Monday, May 5, 2008

World's Best Husband Says:

WBH said to me the other night "I think rich people have more divorces because they can afford to get mad about dumber things. See, when you're broke like us, I can't afford to get mad about the fact that my wife doesn't clear out the timer on the microwave. I'm more worried about having something to put in the microwave."

It should be noted that things are not this bad, but it did make me laugh, even as he pointed out his pet peeve with me.


Melissa said...

That's a cute story. When I saw the comment from alamody on my blog, I had no idea who it was at first and then I saw your name on the bottom and got excited. I'll check back for more updates!

Tina & Dan said...

That is hilarious! And very possibly true? :O) Nice to see you guys!

The Wife said...

That's just awesome, dude. I might steal it and use it on the Husband!