Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh, Karma....

You know when times are bad, how much little things can mean so much?

Earlier this week, I picked up an issue of Self magazine. As I was perusing the pages I saw the (admittedly lovely) face of a woman with whom I competed at a state pageant. She later went on to become another state's titleholder, and compete on a reality series. She also happens to be a bigot from my experience, a reported liar, and on the reality show, she was once referred to as a 'dirty pirate whore.'

I really don't like this woman. I don't wish her any ill, except in the reality-show genre, where her true nature seemed to come out anyway. However, I couldn't help taking notice of what the ad was for. Then I laughed my butt off.

"American Laser Centers is America's number one choice in for hair removal......"

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