Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Stinky put together two words today. Oh yes he did, my big smart boy. What were these gems, you may ask? These precious utterances?

"See Boobs."

That's my son, folks. I had just gotten out of the shower, and joined him briefly on the couch in my towel. Stinky promptly hopped on my lap, ripped open the towel, and declared "See Boobs!"

This sentence was followed later today by "See Bubba" and "See Gamma". Those were sweet. Nonetheless, it will forever be known that "See Boobs!" was my son's first word combination, apart from repeating a curse word combo after throwing up all over me one day. That doesn't really count, because he was repeating it directly, and if I'm being honest when I say it, it usually sounds like one word. Now to keep him from repeating the experience in the grocery store (Again)

By the way, if anybody ever asks, Stinky doesn't use that swear word combo. He's telling the dog to sit. That's right, he said sit.

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