Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School

I don't really like September much. After a fun and eventful summer, it's hard to adjust to WBH returning to school, for all of us. It can be nice to get back into our routines, but I feel pouty and a little bit melancholy without him here. Stinky asks for him in the mornings, and says "aw, man" when I tell him his dad is back at work.

Yesterday, I survived my first day alone with the two boys. It wasn't too shabby- I got laundry running and dishes swapped. A good friend came over needing to talk and turned out to be a wonderful distraction from my sulky attitude. Stinky and I baked Paula Deen's no-flour peanut butter cookies. I made two dinners- the second, to make up for the one I burned in the crock pot while chatting.

Today, I showered, brushed my teeth and fed the boys. We're watching too much TV, and for now, I'm letting that be okay. This new baby has brought with him a lot of riddles for me to solve. How do I take care of the boys and watch for the dog digging holes in the yard? Can I go to the bathroom or brush my teeth and prevent Stinky's aggressive affection from harming Colin? How do I make sure Stinky doesn't feel put aside or less important when many of Colin's needs have to be met immediately? Where do I find the energy to accomplish anything? I know the answers to the questions will present themselves, and we'll get it worked out, but any insight would be appreciated.


balloongal said...

Some of those things are very familiar (not the dog digging holes, though). Jeremy went back to school after our second was born. I had a lot of similar questions. There were definite overwhelming points.
My best piece of advice- let people help you. If someone offers, take them up on it (as long as you're comfortable with the person and the help they're offering). I had one day when we dropped Jeremy off at school and Nichole was not cooperating when it was time to walk from the car to our apartment. By the time we got up there, she was crying and I was crying, Jr. luckily was asleep in his carseat. A gal from the ward/quad came up and asked if she could take Nichole out to play with the other moms and kids. Yes! It was helpful for both of us.
Let Stinky help. He's the big brother/big helper. He can fetch things, he can help read to the baby. It looks like you're already doing a lot. You are amazing. And sometimes you just have to wait to figure things out. It's different for each family.
And Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray!

Aimee said...

You are such a great mom! Give it time, you will find your niche...I know easier said than done, but it can be done!

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

hire a nanny ! LOL :P

Anonymous said...

All I can say is be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to take longer to do things. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Allow yourself to enjoy your boys at the ages they're at. They grow up way, way too fast. I swear, yesterday I was where you are with a three-year-old and a newborn (with a sister in between) and now my oldest is 10 and in freaking fifth grade. Blink. Oops. Shouldn't have done that.

Anyway, my greatest advice is to enjoy it. I spend too much time stressing and not enough time enjoying the people my children are now. That's my new goal: enjoy the little moments and ignore the messes.