Thursday, March 10, 2011

"and I'll get better and better."

after catching the garter at a wedding.

Stinky: "Mom, I made a butterfly. It's a baby butterfly who can't fly because he's so little. But he keeps trying, and trying, and he'll get better. And he has a mommy named what Daddy calls you: Rachael."

Me: "Are you my butterfly who can't fly yet, but keeps trying and trying?"

Stinky: "Yeah. And I'll get better and better."

I'll remember that.


Anonymous said...

Aw. Those are the things you have to tatoo on your forearm to look at when you want to kick their little hineys to Timbucktoo and back.

(I think there may be spelling errors in this. I don't write 'hineys' and 'Timbucktoo' often enough, apparently.)

James and Elizabeth said...

that is so precious.