Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"How do they do that?"


We're turning off cable and switching to a netflix/hulu combination. Subsequently, this boy has developped a love for prehistoric documentaries by national geographic. He'll request them over cartoons, which does this mama's heart so good.

Until we have to answer the question:

"Hey, guys? What's fertilization? How do they do that? What does the daddy dinosaur give the mommy dinosaur?"

Then we're in real trouble.


M said...

We love being cable free! I'm excited for you. We have a wii so we can stream netflix through our TV, but internet works well too.

Have fun with that fertilization issue!

James and Elizabeth said...

Oh boy.

krystaface said...

These are the moments for You and WBH to high five afterwards if you can think up a way to explain it!