Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of Thanksgiving: Rotten

I am grateful for my Rotten. 

He is my sour patch boy:  first sour, then sweet (then it starts all over again), but when he is sweet, he is oh, so sweet.  He is playful and teasing and snuggly.  He expresses himself between signs, words, and expressions that can't be categorized by either.  He loves to wave and talk to everyone he sees.  His strong will is going to serve him well, someday, if only we can survive it now. I'm especially grateful for the way he's been sleeping almost through the night most days.  I love his ginger hair and funny attitude.  

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balloongal said...

I am grateful for Rotten, too, and the joy he brings to your family. I look forward to the opportunity to meet him next Summer.