Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Projects

I wrote yesterday about my "do it first" list of goals for this year.  Today, I'll show you the others that I have in mind.   Going  left to right and top to bottom, let's take a look

  • Project Life:  I am using her page protectors, but my own album and making my own filler pieces.  I couldn't justify buying what I could make well with what I have on hand. This is on both lists.  The first, to keep it up to date.  The second, to finish at the end of the year.  
  • Bow Ring:  Did you know WBH is a jewelry teacher?  It's as awesome as it sounds.  This time, instead of just asking, I'm going to make it with his help.  I am a little worried I'll develop a crush on the teacher. 
  • "Believe there is good.../Be the Good":  going to turn this phrase into a sign for our house.  
  • Lightbulb Terrarium:  How adorable is this?  I love it! 
  • "Brother...Superhero": the quote is by the author of the Arthur books, and I have just the space for it in the boys' room. 
  • Tuxedo Tee:  I have several white shirts that have been stained by little hands.  Combining them to make this. I may dye it after that, come to think of it. 
  • "Always" Tee:  I love the subtlety of the Harry Potter reference here.  A t-shirt and some freezer paper stencilling and I think it will be awesome. 
  • The Lady Kina:  This will be my first sweater, and I'm a little nervous, but the directions are pretty straightforward. 
  • The Wave Blanket:  I have this on both lists, and on needles now.  It's starred on the 'do it first' list, because it's a big project and it's heavy and so hurts my hands after too much time on it. As long as this is a work in active progress, I'll be okay if I move on with just this left on the 'do it first' list 
  • The Starboard Skirt :  I love the pleat, though I don't know what kind of fabric I'll do this in for certain, it has so many possibilities. 
  • Book Planter :  This, with some slow-growing succulents, might be perfection.  
  • The Dress:  I'm not sure where I'll go with this- either view C, a little MadMen-esque, or use view A as a starting point to knock off a Shabby Apple dress.  Maybe both?  
So that's the list.  Like I said, some are a few hours, others long term.  I think it's a nice mix. 


Elizabeth said...

Those all look lovely. Can't wait to see them for reals!

balloongal said...

Way to go. Good luck with all the projects. You are so talented.