Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Craft Hoarder

Confession: I'm a little bit of a craft supply hoarder.  I have a lot of supplies bought with good intentions and great ideas in mind.  So before New Year's Eve, I wrote some projects down that I had supplies for that I need to finish before I can buy any supplies for projects that aren't on the list.   Then WBH reminded me of some other ones.  I capped the list at ten.  

Two of the items on my list are on my Pinterest board of the12 projects I want to compete in 2012, so added up, that's a minimum of 20 in the next year, allowing over 2 weeks per (though some are on-going, and others will just take a few hours.  I love goals and seeing them laid out!  I'll post the \
Pinterest projects later on in the week.  

That is what's on my (rather crowded) crafty horizon at the moment.  


Elizabeth said...

I need to go to Craft Hoarder's Anonymous...I'm so bad. But on the other hand, when I need something in a pinch, odds are that I have it. That's a good thing in rural PA!

I'm *trying* to be a good girl and not start more projects before I finish what I've started.

I'm excited to see what you make in 2012!

Becky Home-ecky said...

Yep. This is me too. I figure the problem is that 70% of the fun part is just planning and buying supplies, not the actual making.

SarahJane said...

That's a great list.