Monday, February 27, 2012

Recharging my Batteries

I wish I had brought my camera so I could have better captured how pretty the street light coming through the stained glass here was, all glowing and amber. 

This weekend was for recharging and becoming inspired.  Saturday night was a girl's night with a lecturing author and (not-at-all) good for me food.   Sunday the headache that I'd been fighting all week  caught up to me and WBH let me rest and sleep the day away, almost.  The rest of it was spent reading an entire book, cuddling with all of my guys, and watching the documentary Being Elmo.  Now, waking up recharged and inspired, how am I supposed to do the laundry and dishes?  Come on, chores!  Don't you know that I found my creative energy?   How can I possibly spend time cleaning and tending, and doing silly little things like feed and bathe my children when I want to act on the things I learned this weekend, and write and craft and take pictures, and accept that in order to get better at either, I have to be willing to be very bad.  How can I pick up little messes when I want to ponder the power of mentors and starting where you are with what you have? 

The positive, though I must try to hold on to all this creative fire through the day to day, is that I was able to identify how I was recharged- and know where to seek it again.  

That is a Pretty Big Deal.  

Have a great week, friends.  Tonight is more inspiration, as I take my oldest to his first big show.   I hope your Monday finds you recharged from the weekend- and if not recharged, with the resources to  become so.  


Elizabeth said...

Glad you got some R&R and your batteries charged! This weekend was good for me too.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you had a recharge weekend! I feel that pull between all these ideas and things I want to do vs. the laundry, dishes, toy pile, cheerios on the ground (Mason has taken to helping himself from the pantry lately :) all the time. I hope you had a great time at Beauty and the Beast!