Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello There

WBH pointed out to me that it has been since March 1st since I posted here.  That's pretty sad.  

So, what did we do this month? 

I heard Rotten pray on his own for the first time.  ("Thank You Thank You" with folded arms)

Rotten cut molars and started nursery.   Stinky punched a high school senior in the eye and has gotten pretty good at Mario Brothers for a five year-old. 

We attended the beautiful service for WBH's grandfather, and enjoyed a sleepover with his sister who flew in for the funeral.  

Stinky and I auditioned for another play that will perform this summer. 

I am trying really hard to get the house in order.  Slowly, but surely, things are looking good. 

WBH and I got away alone for the first time since kids were born- and have been planning the next one since we got back. Highlights included Sunrise Cafe HUGE breakfasts, seeing the Hunger Games, and whale watching.  
(above: from the back of a whale watching boat 
below: sunrise from our room)

WBH played amateur nature photographer while we were there.  It was so fun. 

Stinky played a Who in Seussical- and hasn't stopped singing the songs from it since.  I love that. 

We welcomed my sister home from her mission.

The boys have been messy and delightful and sweet, and are growing like weeds. 
Love these boys so much. 

And I think every day how very blessed I am to be a part of all of this. 

How has your March been? 


Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fun month, so glad you got away! How fun to do plays with your boy.

James and Elizabeth said...

I love your life. Keep sharing.

balloongal said...


balloongal said...

Our March has been busy busy busy. But we've gotten a lot done.

balloongal said...

Did I already comment on this? I don't remember. Our March was busy busy busy busy busy. Mostly organizing. Now April is just as busy with other things. Nichole's dance performance is tomorrow. Eek. Jeremy's got a big part in it and I'm doing a little juggling as well.