Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Losing babyhood

Sometimes, changes creep up on me, and sometimes they shock me with how sudden they are.  Sometimes, they manage to do both.    Sometime in the last week, a little brother who has so devotedly called after his  "Aid-ee" has started asking for his Aidan.  It hurts my heart, a little, hearing the grown-up changes to his speech, as I want to hold on to his baby-ness just a little while longer.  Then, the moments where he can hold snippets of conversation- about what he did at church, what we saw at the zoo- take away the sting of losing babyhood by shining a light on the sweetness of 'kid.' 

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balloongal said...

Awwww. Each stage of their lives is precious in different ways, isn't it? I love parenthood.