Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stinky's Recital

With friends Chloe and Gwenevere.  They were tired and I'd just said "Ballet Boogers!" 

Stinky has been in dance classes since January.  They have helped with his focus, and given him an outlet for his extroverted energy. The discipline of listening to his instructor without a parent in the room has been good for him, too and I hope those skills will carry over into kindergarten.  The classes culminated in a recital this fall, performing the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Stinky's class was the shoes, who danced for the shoemaker's apprentices.  The children were paired in matching costumes, but Stinky the only other boy in the class didn't get along (because the boy's sister liked Stinky , we were told, and the brother wasn't having it.  Matter of honor and all).  So each boy was paired with one of the class assistants.  

with Miss Magdalene. 

When costumes were handed out, he loved his shirt.  He said he felt like a prince.  I thought he might have a problem with the tights, but once we wrestled them on, he wiggled his bum and said "Oooh,  I love them!  They're so comfy, I want to wear them everyday!"   That's a negative, good buddy. 

Dress rehearsal was concerning.  Stinky and the other boy in class got into a shoving match during their part, and everyone was a little antsy.  He was directed to the men's dressing room, but as soon as he opened the door, he slammed it shut, and said "He needs some privacy!"  and we went to the greenroom instead.   We left him there with several "hands to yourself!" talks, and worried until the performance. 

We were grateful (if a little surprised) when the kid nailed it- keeping focus, keeping his knees high, and doing all the steps just right.  I think the way he skipped was our favorite, as his bird legs looked pretty adorable as he danced around his partner.  

We'll continue in dance after the summer- we're excited to see him learn more, though WBH is less excited about the tights.  


theballoonguy said...

WBH has worn tights enought times before. He's probably just jealous that Stinky pulls it off so much better. ;)

fiona said...

Hi Rae,
Nothing wrong with you son wearing tights! my little boy started ballet last year and is now happy to wear tights, he wore socks and shorts at first, but, I felt tights would be better in the winter months!