Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, WBH!

Today, WBH enters his last year beginning with a 2. So, I'd like to share with you 29 reasons I'm in love with him. If you'd like to avoid a sweetness-induced coma, or nauseating lovey-dovey-ness please read no further.

1. He has these lips. They're great for kissing, but it was the smile that got me, from day one. Babe, you got a purdy mouth.
2. I refer to him as WBH on here, but he could just as easily be called WBD- World's Best Dad. I try harder to be a better mom because of him.
3. His work ethic blows me away. He does so much for our family, and so that I can stay home with Stinky. He inspires me.
4. He takes the couch when I snore too loud, and doesn't kick me out of bed.
5. There's always fun to be had with my husband. He doesn't mind making a fool of himself.
6. Jewelry skillz.
7. He tries really hard not to laugh at me when I'm upset and ridiculous. Which I am a lot.
8. His word is true. Honesty rocks.
9. He is my biggest supporter. Sometimes even when I want to quit, he's the one who reminds me why I won't.
10. His judgement is sound -he's usually right (HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I put it in writing, but I may never admit it again, honey.)
11. His hugs are the best. His hugs were very popular once, but now I can claim to be the sole recipient of his signature style.
12. Watching his as a teacher really impresses me. Those 280+ kids a year are so darn lucky.
13. The Butt. Seriously, the butt.
14. The silliness. He can always make me laugh.
15. If he's going to do something, he's going to do it wholeheartedly, and he's going to do it right. Teaching, animals, creating, all of it. He goes big and doesn't go home.
16. His willingness to serve others- just today he busted his butt mowing a lawn for someone he knows only marginally. This same willingness is so much greater for those he loves. He gives and gives.
17. He's got a huge capacity for empathy.
18. The guys got a way with words. When I was practicing pageant interviews, he was an awesome coach- he crafts words so well, especially when he's mad or passionate about something.
19. Even in hard times, he hangs in and sticks it out. He is my rock, my tear soaked-shoulder.
20. The creativity he exhibits as we look into future projects- home renovating, halloween costumes, you name it- gets me as excited about them as he is.
21. The things we share- faith, 16 years of knowing eachother, Stinky- make our lives richer.
22. He makes one heckova sexy pirate.
23. He is willing things he doesn't like, like going to pageants and wear dresses, because he knows I do.
24. Pumpkin carving skillz. Who else gets Dwight Shrute on a pumpkin?
25. He uses his skills to create for others. Love that about him.
26. He can read me quite easily. It's very convenient, but it also shows that he' s a pretty sensitive guy. But not in a girly-man sort of way.
27. Thank heaven he's a fix-it man. I love that he's handy. Heck, I even love the plumber crack when he's working on something (though it's rare).
28. Brown Chicken Brown Cow.
29. He lives up to his pseudonym every single day. WBH really is just that. The Worlds Best Husband, and I am the luckiest lady in the world to be married to him.

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