Monday, March 1, 2010

Making It Monday: Home

(a part of our front porch, featuring some of the new paint colors)

Once again, it's been a week where my creative energy feels pretty stifled by fatigue and the demands of keeping life moving on the outside, keeping life growing on the inside. The good news is that this week marked the end of modified bedrest, brought good news at an ultrasound (don't worry, there's still just one), and I've felt up to working around the house. I'm cooking again, and if you catch us on the right day, we all might be wearing clean socks.

There have been a lot of changes going on in our house. WBH has been painting the exterior, removing a tree, and adding a raised garden bed. He's been working so hard. We took Stinky to buy seeds this weekend, and he's thrilled to work on it. We'll be sure to post pictures when things are more completed.

In addition, this week I'm going to try to fix the look of this blog. I haven't been happy with it in a while, but making the time to fix it just wasn't that important to me yet. I hope everyones' week is off to a great start!


Crystal Escobar said...

Hey, I just came across your blog somehow :)
Glad you're not on bedrest anymore and that every thing is going well.
This year is our first year starting our own garden. I'm so excited although I haven't been know to have a green thumb :) Hopefully I can actually grow something.

balloongal said...

Yay for making progress.
I was sick yesterday. Poor kids had to eat crackers for food while Daddy was at work. Nichole was really good to get both of them water, though. What a helper. And I did manage to get up to cut up apples for the kids (after a stop in the bathroom to throw up). Unfortunately, Nichole then got sick in the middle of the night. We're taking it easy today, but hopefully I'll be able to help out around the house again soon.

balloongal said...

Oh, and my cousin recently had her first prenatal visit. They gave her an ultrasound and... there were two. Crazy.