Monday, April 5, 2010

Making It Monday:

Making it acurately describes how I feel about this weekend. Breathing a sigh of relief, I feel like I can breathe and say "We made it!" It was a beautiful Easter weekend, which began with an Easter egg hunt with kids from church. By the end, we ended up with a sick boy from an out-of-nowhere stomach virus, enjoyed a really inspiring Conference Broadcast and too much ham, and now we find ourseves about to crash and wondering where the weekend went.

I feel lame that my 300th post has come and gone with no giveaway- I have the pieces cut, but the job of 'primary puke catcher' doesn't allow much time off. It's coming soon. I've also challenged myself to feed the family on what's in the pantry and $40-50 a week this month, so I'll be updating that, with recipes, weekly. WBH is home for spring break and we're hoping the week is filled with adventure, and I'm working on a post about cooking with kiddo, which is becoming a pretty regular thing at our house.

I hope everyone's Easter was beautiful and that you found something inspiring this weekend.


balloongal said...

I'm sorry he got so sick. I am glad you enjoyed General Conference. Everyone understands that you need to take care of yourself and your little boy. You are awesome. I'm glad your husband is home for Spring Break.
Spring Break here started off with snow. Not much Spring.

Melissa said...

I hope Stinky is feeling better. I saw on facebook that you are having another little boy! Yay for baby boys!
Congratulations. And I like the name, both Aidan and Colin have been on our guys have good taste :)