Friday, April 13, 2012


Today, I'm linking up at Life Rearranged for instafriday.  
This week, my instagram looked a little Martha Stewart-ish.  

1. Starting my latest knitting project- interestingly, very near the color of the last one, and using the same father and fan ripple.  2. My finished blanket.  Only took me 4 months (it shouldn't have).  3.  Stinky's Easter egg hickey.  4. Our Easter decor. 5. Fabric I was considering for a dress in this pattern.  Wasn't sure, until I saw this dress on The New Girl.  Now I'm in. 6. Italian Easter egg bread.  

life rearranged

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Krista Hasselfeld said...

Definitely jumping on the bandwagon with this one! I never remember to put anything useful in my blog... maybe instaFriday will be a good start!