Friday, January 16, 2009

A reccommendation

Back in November, in this post I was bemoaning my terrible skills as a homemaker. It's something I struggle with, because it's not always fun to clean, when I'd rather blog, or play with kiddo, or look at cool knee socks online. I tried the reccomended Flylady (again), but I've fallen off that wagon so many times that it's hard to picture myself staying on!

Someone, somewhere reccomended the Motivated Moms Planner . I downloaded this last week, and I love it. It makes most of your daily to-dos for you, with room for more, and it includes things that I tend to forget about, like cleaning the front of the dishwasher, or dusting light fixtures. Anyway, this planner has really changed the way I'm doing things, and I reccommend it highly. It's a whopping $8 for any of the 4 formats, with or without a guided Bible reading suggestion.

Give it a whirl, it's fantastic. It makes maintaining a clean home so much easier for me!

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