Friday, January 9, 2009

What's going on?

I try to blog here regularly, but lately, I've had to be so focused on skating that I'm a little consumed with it. When I'm not at practice, I'm still feeling practice, physically, trying to learn official rules, and processing what's happened at practice so that I can get better each time. I've moved up to scrimmaging now, which is a new challenge. Later this month, we scrimmage test to see if we're ready for draft, so I'm attending every practice I can make so I'll be ready for that. Each night I understand a little more, and feel like I'm improving with each practice.

I'm also working on an annual fundraiser I do for Miss Auburn. I've been doing it for years, so it's pretty easy to work up and run, but that's in my head right now, too.

Of course, I'm fighting to maintain family time, and WBH is so patient and good to me while I need to be so focused and gone so often. It sucks to be gone this much, and I'm really missing him. Last night I came home to a shiny, clean house. He said "This is how I can support your doing something that makes you happy." Sexiest thing ever. I wished I hadn't been so sore already... Anyhow, we're working on establishing a 'family movie night' each week. Apparently, when Stinky went to my mom's, he talked all about the pizza and 'Horton,' several days after the event. For a two year old to remember and be excited about that is a big deal, I think.

Crafting usually takes place late at night when I'm trying to wind down. After two or three hours of a heck of a workout, it's tough to come home and try to sleep. I've almost completed a quilt top for when Stinky moves to a big boy bed. I think that will be next week's I made it Monday!

So that's where I'm at. These things are eating my brain, and while I still want to blog, I'm sure it would get pretty monotonous. I don't know. What would you like to know/read?

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