Monday, February 23, 2009

He Made It Monday: Round 2

For another installment of He Made it Monday, or Why WBH Rocks! I'd like to share my helmet. He spent hours working on this for me, and it never fails to get compliments. Woo, he's a keeper.

As for the bout, it went well. Team Ninja didn't make it past the first round, but I got to be out there a lot and had a good time. I've got lots of work to do, but I start practicing with my team this week, and I'm really excuted. I've got pictures to share, and will post more about it this week.
Also, glory be, Soule Mama has announced her second book's release date. I love her first book SO much, and I can't wait for this one!

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Tina and Dan said...

That really is awesome! I'm glad you are having fun with the derby!