Thursday, February 19, 2009


10- miles WBH walked with NoNuts today.
9-times per hour I heard "I'm hungry for......" this week.
8- times per hour I have been patient about it.
7- the price of my newest pair of knee socks WITH NINJAS! (WBH claims he will be putting together an intervention soon).
6-curse words said while I drove to Seattle and back today.
5-of them at the rude woman who nearly ran us down in Wallingford.
4-loads of laundry folded.
3-gifts to be made for the giveaway below
2-Days until my first bout
1-year old, turned NoNuts today

0-remaining doses of Stinky's oral steroids that made him so "hungry for...." and emo this week. We hope to have him back to normal Friday.
(magically, my headband makes him Kung Fu Panda, and he runs around yelling "Hee-yah! Sa-doosh!" )

100- the number of posts I've done. Sooooo.... Giveaway!
It's the pay-it-forward deal. I'm a little late in getting this started. I will be making gifts for the first three people that respond. The deal is that you have to pay it forward by doing the same thing at your blog. So, if you want it, be one of the first three responders, (please be in the US, shipping internationally is a bear), and tell me your favorite color. It will happen some time this year.

Sooooo..... Go!


Elizabeth said...

Enjoyed the "Life by Numbers". My favorite color is aqua. Or magenta. I'm actually not all that picky.Thanks!

The Wife said...

Please tell me you didn't name that beautiful dog, No Nuts.

Also, send me present NOW!!!

The Wife said...

Also, I like charcoal grey.

Kevin or Anda said...

Hi girl! I can't believe this happened! I had your blog bookmarked, but it turned out that I bookmarked one particular post instead of the whole blog, so for months i have been thinking that you didn't do a single post! I feel so retarded. But... I would like a present! My favorite color is red! And I really like your blog!