Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thin Thursday: Down 3.8

i'm down 3.8 pounds this week. I am really happy about that. I used ALL of my weekly points, and half of the activity points I earned. However, I got all of the activity in that I planned on. I've been downing Crystal Light, which helped with my water intake. However, with tracking, I've seen that I'm not getting anywhere near enough fruits and veggies in. This week was a little nuts just with NOT eating whatever I wanted and writing it all down. I need to focus this week on making better choices in place of just reducing.

Did I mention that I can button my jeans comfortably? Because that's pretty cool.

My WW goals this week are:
Derby: 2 practices, plus the bout on Sunday.
Exercise: Two half-hour walks and maybe swimming with Stinky and Littlest Sister this weekend.
Food: Increase fruits and vegetables


Tami said...

Great job!!

Whimsy said...

Wow. This is awesome.

And I've totally been MEANING to comment and say hello and also thank you for stopping by my blog that time (like a LONG TIME AGO). But here we are in March.

And I'm just commenting now. Hi!

Paula said...

my daughter is a jeerleader for the Atlanta Roller Derby team...
You go girl!