Friday, June 18, 2010

Goals Check-In/Friday Favorites

Oh cold virus, you bane of my existance. You've teased and taunted me for a week, but launched your full-on attack on Wednesday. You drained me of all energy, allowing me to get sucked in by Facebook games that my old computer really is too slow to support. You drew my focus away from my goals, focusing it on simply getting through the day. I'm finally seeing signs of your retreat, and I couldn't be happier.

So, the goals. They're progressing, but slowly. A nasty cold virus is very detrimental to being more purposeful with computer time. Too much Tetris Friends, too little anything else. My home management notebook has gotten some work, but mostly, this week has been about surviving. I'm doing better, though, and looking forward to being back on track.

On that note, there has been a lot of really great stuff online, if you're not feeling to purposeful today.

Zipper Rosettes at UCreate: I love these. I have a pair of gold ballet flats I'd love to spruce up with some of these. So cute!

Speed Cleaning 101 at Crazy Domestic: What little cleaning got accomplished while I was under the weather, was based on this. Printed the blog out and added it to the binder!

Love with Muscle at Puddle Jumping Designs: This will be done on two little t-shirts, soon, for our house. Is it totally vain if I'm the one stitching "Mom" on the muscles?

To Be More Joyful: Simplify Your Life at Life As Mom: Some great reading here, and I'm working on applying some of her ideas!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I'm so glad this helped you! And I was sick this week too, but with the flu for 3 days! I haven't been out for 3 days in a long time, and my house is proof that mom was off her feet all week!