Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seeing More With Smaller Eyes


Being a mom changes how I see the world. I don't think any mother would say anything different, but the best times my worldview has been changed, it has been by seeing it through the boys eyes.

We discovered a bug on our storm door. It was huge, as bugs go, and had a hairy stomch. It wasn't at my eye level, I might have missed it. But for Stinky, this provided almost an hour of occupation. We took pictures, counted legs, watched with a magnifying glass, and finally identified it courtesy Google images- a long-haired june beetle. We had a similar experience with a bird last month- a northern flicker with bright red cheeks (meaning it's male). Just the other night, Rotten followed and ant all over the path in the backyard, until it disappeared into the grass. Seeing how eager they are to learn about the world makes me slow down, and I love it.



M said...

Bring those boys and come south some time.

We'll show you some bugs that will blow their little minds! Preying Mantises as big as your HAND! 3 inch long cockroaches! Half dollar sized spiders. Moths as big as their little faces!

You know they would love it. All the while you and I would be cowering in the corner! Well, maybe not at the moths, they're actually quite pretty. I found one the other day that was white all over and looked like a snow flake. In July in the South, that's really pretty cool.

James and Elizabeth said...

Gwenevere has to stop and see the aunt hill every time we pass by. It's true. Children really know to stop and enjoy the moment.

balloongal said...

That's right. I'm afraid I don't see things from their perspective nearly enough.