Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Rotten decided I shouldn't shower alone

It is morning and I am watching Rotten crawl to all the 'uh-uh' places. The spots where he pauses and waits for my response. On hearing the 'uh-uh,' he chuckles, but moves to the next 'uh-uh'. Later, when he is tired, 'uh-uh' will not be met with a giggle, but with a head-thrown-back cry that can only be interpreted as "you never let me do ANYTHING!" but the morning giggles are a sweet way to start the day.


balloongal said...

I totally get that.

Melissa said...

Hey Rachel, I want to comment on a bunch of your posts, but I'm just putting it in one big long comment.

The things you made for the craft fair look awesome and if I would have been with my computer last week I totally would have entered your giveaway.

Lately, Mike and I have been watching "The Twilight Zone" on Netflix. It's the original one from the 1960s and it's a perfect little 1/2 show to watch before going to sleep. If you try it, make sure to watch "Nightmare at 20,000 feet." We've looked up top ten episodes on the internet and watched those first.

Your boys are cute as always. I love the picture of Rotten in the shower!