Sunday, August 28, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Back on the Wagon (a small catch-up)

This outfit was for the monochromatic challenge. I'm surprised at how much black I own. Leggings are Target, dress was made for me by my sister.
Today's challenge was to copycat a look we found online. I really loved this outfit over at A Reason to be Fabulous.


And here's my take on it:

The sheath dress was a Goodwill find, cardigan... I think DI? I've just had it forever. Couldn't find a belt that was thin enough, so I took a satin skinny tie and tied a bow. I also need to take pictures before church, as wrestling with a baby for 3 hours can do a number on your look.
Some women like a purse dog. I'd love a purse that big. However, I don't reccomend this accessory. You wouldn't believe the maintenance...

To mimic her bling, I put on this necklace WBH made me for a pageant interview outfit. It's pearls, and Mt. St. Helens emeralds (glass made from the ash of it's eruption).

I fell off the wagon a bit this week- Doctor's appointments, days away from home. I like the way I look when I put in more effort, but it takes just that- extra effort, planning ahead. And somedays... well, some days I was hot and not feeling well, so I just put on a giant t-shirt and stretchy pants and reverted. I'll play catch-up more tomorrow. Tomorrow's challenge is a new hairstyle. I'll be searching Pinterest.


balloongal said...

You're awesome.

Becky said...

Hope you are having fun with this challenge. I am rediscovering all sorts of things in my closet. Your dog is amazing!

Tiffany said...

your dog is adorable, and so is your copycat outfit! Of course you can use my image if you like, thanks so much for asking. I love the colors in your dress, I'm a sucker for floral and anything from Goodwill. Also love that you got creative and used a sash in lieu of a belt. Super cute look for church!!