Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye Weekend, Hello Monday.

It is really hard to say goodbye to the weekend we had.  

Goodbye to the last of the sunshine we're supposed to see for a bit. 
Goodbye afternoon at the zoo.
Goodbye to wonderfully sweet brother moments. 

Goodbye to running up and rolling down hills.  
Goodbye to picnic dinner with friends. 

Goodbye to watching ducks while eating pretzels at the park.  
Goodbye to hugs and kisses between little friends. 

And Hello, Monday. 

Hello taking it slow, staying in pajamas and snuggling my boys. 
Hello to pouting that Daddy has to go back to work.
Hello making goals for the week, but not jumping right on them. 
Hello laundry and dishes we've ignored for our weekend adventures. 
Hello new adventures, we're coming for you... but probably not until tomorrow. 


Elizabeth said...

At least it's almost Summer, and not Fall winding down into Winter!Those are all such sweet pictures of your boys! All those rainy days make the few nice days really pretty ;)

Lauren said...

Hi Rae thanks for stopping by my blog! Cute kiddos!

James and Elizabeth said...

We had fun at the park with you.

balloongal said...

So true.