Monday, May 7, 2012

The Grumps

Oh my, but we have the grumps around here. 

We've been sick for weeks, it feels like.  The boys and WBH last week, and while they're on the downhill side of it, I'm starting uphill now, and it's draining.  Today, I've got the sudafed jitters, but I am at least, functioning.  Unfortunately, we have the grumps today- all over the house, all over the grocery store, all over the car, the grumps.   It seems the only way to deal with them is just to ride it out, and try, where possible, to rise above.   Over here, this means too much TV, handfuls of dry cereal, and lots of snuggles,  and it works for us.  

How does your family cure the grumps? 

1 comment:

balloongal said...

For us, lots of prayer. It's tough having the grumps.