Friday, May 4, 2012

InstaFriday 5.4

1. Stinky, Keeping it Clean  2.  He takes 'notes' at rehearsal
3. Finished a beaded bandanna, a gift 4.  Sick snuggles with cereal- all week
5. Finished hat, also gift. 6.  My Mothers' Day gift- a treasure chest! 
7. knitting and TV- the week's theme?  8. blocking the bandanna

All the guys have been hit hard by a cold bug this week, and while I've been lucky not to have it hit me  yet (knocking on wood), yesterday I broke a tooth.  So, off to the dentist to face a fear today.   What all this means is a lot of sitting still for us- lots of knitting done.   

I love the instagram app, so, so much.  The problem is that I'm not picking up the other camera as much as I ought to be.  So that's a goal in the coming week.  With these gifts done, too, I can focus on a project for me- a summer sweater.   Less knitting pictures to bore you with, too, probably.  

Have a great weekend!  

life rearranged

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balloongal said...

Poor family. Your knitting is looking great.