Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Made It Monday: Handmade Christmas in review (some repeats)

Here are a few of the gifts I made this Christmas. There is at least one more that I haven't posted, but that one I'll share at a later time. It's my sister's tea-towel and apron set, to go in her hope chest (or hopeless chest, as we've called them for a while). I can post a link to the tutorial I used for that one, too. It's bright and gaudy and kitschy, which means it's perfect for her.

All in all, probably about 50% of Christmas was handmade. Partially because I ran out of time, partially because that some gifts were cheaper to buy than they were to make (though many times this was not the case!), and partially because the purchased gifts suited the receiver better than a hand-made gift would have. I would like to do this again, yes, but I think it will require more planning on my part.

I was saying the other day that it's odd not to be compelled to craft now- I can do it for me, and I'm not hurried to get things done. I wouldn't say I regret making the items for others, but I think I can take the time to enjoy the process of creating for fun. I went to the craft store to spend a gift card after Christmas, and found myself momentarily at a loss as to what I wanted to do. Looking at fabric, paper, and yarn, the feeling changed to "What don't I want to do?!" Two quilts, or the pieces for them and some embroidery are sitting in my basket now.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm hoping to do a little better at my homemade Christmas next year; I just ran out of time this year. I bow to your amazing crafting skills.