Wednesday, May 20, 2009

calling for reinforcements.

I wasn't going to share this here, but I'm not sure why. Something about jinxing it, and how I can never keep a secret, but maybe this once I could. We put in an offer on a house last week, and we're hoping to hear by today. Really, we were hoping to hear by Friday, but the seller is taking their sweet time. I'm going a little crazy. We really like that little house, and we really want it. So I'm asking for prayers and positive thoughts today. We could really use them.

Would you like to know how crazy this has made me? So crazy that I've started running. Yes, me, running, by choice, and not because I'm being chased by guinea pigs or offered mushrooms. It feels good, but I'll write more about that tomorrow.


Tami said...

HIP HIP HOORAY! I hope it works out

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

So I just posted a comment without reading it and when it posted there was a word misspelled that did not make a very good word. And I've discovered you can delete your comment. Anyways, I'll try again.

I can completely relate to that going crazy feeling. We are actually in the process of buying a house right now (as long as the inspection is good), but we were totally in that "waiting place" just a couple of weeks ago. Is it a short sale? Those can be kind of a nightmare (but everything we looked at was a short sale or bank owned). I probably shouldn't tell you that this house was actually the third one we put an offer on, but the good news is that it was a better deal and everything is working out better then we had planned. So after the going crazy and the waiting, waiting, waiting, we are (hopefully) going to end up with a house and it will all be worth it.
Good luck! And I hope that this one is the one for you. I'm glad that going crazy is helping you discover the joy of running though :)

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