Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prom Night

We've chaperoned prom together every year since we've been married. Including the ones I attended as a student, this makes 8 proms for me.
This year's dance took place on a boat cruising around Elliot Bay. It started at Sunset, and the view couldn't be beat.

Well, the view of Stinky in a Tuxedo might beat it.

Priceless. WBH looked really hard for a mini orange tuxedo for Stinky, but nothing turned up. We may have to add a top hat and cane to the collection the next time this tux is rotated in.

Dancing in the disco lights was alternatingly exhilirating and terrifying. At one point he attempted a break dancing back spin, which turned into more of a butt-spin. A circle of students formed around him, clapping and cheering him on.

Things wrapped up on the quiet upperdeck, where the waves rocked him to sleep. We're starting a new trend: pajamas at the end of prom. Just watch, it's going to be huge. We think next year will be Stinky's last until he attends his own. It will be at the Seattle Aquarium, and we think that's a good way to end it.

Oh, as a final note, can we discuss how Sting's hot-for-teacher song "Don't Stand So Close to Me" is really not an appropriate choice of music for prom?


Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I'm surprised (almost shocked, even) that it would get played at prom in 2009 anyway... It's not like it's a great dance or party song!

Love the Stinky Tuxmaster!

M said...

Well, you know, Seattle has a bit of a relationship with *those* kind of teachers.

*cough* Marykayletourneau *cough.

I'm hardly surprised. And I LOVE the pajamas at the end of prom idea. I think it ROCKS.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Love the hair!

And, seriously--that mini tuxedo is SO darling. Love the shoes.


The Barnsley-Cervo's said...

You all look so fabulous!