Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is your brain on drugs

I'm sorry for the lack of content this week. As I mentioned in the last post, I'm on a mixture of pain meds and muscle relaxants, which apparently turns me into a good approximation of an angry drunk. Most of my thoughts this week are centered around making a hit list of backyard creatures and neighbors. (I fail to see how one can be sweet and chatty with Stinky, yet not think "Oh, maybe Stinky shouldn't hear songs dropping the N-word, or the F-bomb, and the phrase 'it weren't rape.' Maybe I should not share this music with neighborhood children." Just like you shouldn't share the cigarette smoke, trashy!)

At one point, my rage was deterred from neighbors to the squirrels. We get bluebirds in our backyard, and I really love them. They're not very common in our area, and during a hard time last year, they started showing up in the backyard. When this fat, stupid, lazy squirrel starts taking over the feeder, the bluebirds are nowhere to be found. At the height of a medicinally-induced stupor, I saw that he had the nerve to bring a date, another fatty little fuzzball, to my birdfeeder, recently restocked with seed that should have attracted the bluebirds. Enough was enough, my less than logical mind reasoned.

Out I went, spouting off a few profanities at the fluffy rats, and kicked the dog's soccer ball at them. They scurried away, into the neighbor's yard. I turned around, and saw WBH barely suppressing his laughter. With just enough reason to be a little embarassed, I sputtered "Next time, we're getting the spinner!" (Seriously, go check the link. It's not just the meds that make it funny.)

Wahoo! It's almost valium time!

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Kari said...

I had to laugh about the squirrel, it reminds of going to GRCC and the crazy ones that would jump out of the garbage cans. We had a neighbor who not only talked on the phone really loud but she smoked pot outside. Boy was I sad when we moved away from her.