Thursday, April 30, 2009

Library saves the day!

I have a super neat-o jaw injury that's got me off skates and on muscle relaxers for a week. It sucks, big time. I feel foggy and a little slow. It means it's another "Okay" day for Stinky.

Library to the rescue I love our local library. It'sreally local- 5 houses down, and across the street. It's a smaller system than we used to have, so there's less wait time, even when there are many holds on a book or movie. Stinky and I walked over there today to pick up "Pinocchio" which he's been requesting ever since the Disney channel started pimping it a month ago.

Sure, you can judge me for letting the TV play babysitter while I'm in pain- but being on valium means I don't care, anyway!

The best part is, though, hearing him slowly turn the pages of the books in the next room while the movie plays in the background. And watching him 'read' a book at the library. "One day.... panda was so mad! Oh no! It broke!"

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Jeremy and Rebecca said...

Hey, the tv's free. A baby-sitter is not.