Wednesday, April 1, 2009

laughing at clouds, so high up above

If I start seeing lots of animals in groups of two and seven, I won't be surprised. The news is predicting rain, rain, and more rain for at least the next 10 days, continuing the pattern of what we've had. It's disheartening. The constant dripping and raining is just more than a girl can take. Yesterday teased us with some sun, I held a small hope it would stay.

I need to do some 'springify-ing.' I have some primroses that I plan to pot with Stinky later on, and keep indoors. Any suggestions?


Kevin or Anda said...

I thought God promissed this would never happen again!!! Don't you hate the muddy pawprints anytime you've let the dog out into the backyard and then he comes back in... Bleh.

Tina and Dan said...

I can't say I miss this season in Seattle! I'm getting quite accustomed to the natural high of having the sun everyday (cold or hot out). BUT no where yet have I lived anywhere as green and beautiful as Seattle - I do miss the green. I guess the rain does have it's advantages