Monday, April 13, 2009

I Made it Monday: Finished Quilt.

Here's the finished pics of Stinky's quilt. I finished the binding last week. Stinky liked to lay under it as I stitched along the edges. So kiddo, if you notice the crooked sewing along one side, remember that part was when you were really sad and then fell asleep on my lap.

Oh, and remember the vintage book animal prints I set up? Here they are:
(binkies are for bedtime, and he's a method actor)

Finally, I sort of pieced the back, too, just to do something different since I had to use two big pieces of fabric. I had a few leftover strips from the front of the quilt that I used to connect them. Shauntel asked for a pic, so here ya go!

A great tutorial on doing the Around the World quilt can be found here. I used this, and it made it so very easy!


Elizabeth said...

Looks great, how cute. We want to make my dad an Around the World quilt cause he travels, well, around the world! Stinky's room is very sweet, he has a good mom.

Tami said...

Beautiful quilt. Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

Desirae Pitt said...

that is super cute and I am glad we are not the only paci house still! what a relief!