Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thin Thursday: Down 1.2

As Stinky would say "Hooway fo me!" It's nice to see a loss this week after stalling out last week. I'm starting to notice a difference in how my clothes fit. Can you say jeans that I can breathe in, straight from the dryer? I sure can!

The 1.2 pounds lost brings me to a total of 6 pounds in four weeks. Not too shabby. I'd like to speed it up, as it would take me another 5 months to reach what I think is my goal weight at this rate, but it's okay if it takes that long, too. What I really want is to get to my goal weight before the end of the roller derby season in October.

We talked about a walking 5k program Weight Watchers has set up. I've decided to challenge myself even more to run in a 5k in my hometown this summer. It's a level course, and I'll be downloading the Couch to 5K podcast tonight.

What worked this week: I tracked everything on paper. Writing it down seems to work better for me than tracking online. I think it solidifies it in my head a little more. Also, I found myself asking "What do I want more?" As in, do I want to stress eat after being asked if I was pregnant at church (because apparently my dress made me look like it, thank you very much), or do I want to eat a small lunch so I can really enjoy Mom's Easter dinner? Do I want to eat laffy taffy, or do I want to have a good loss this week that will give me momentum for the next week? Priorities. They're working for me.

What I plan to work on: Planning my meals for the day ahead of time, starting with dinner (because that's my favorite meal).

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Tami said...

Yeah for you!!! Great jobs!