Friday, April 24, 2009

"You're a Tool!"

Stinky is a really smart kid. I think this goes beyond every mother thinking her baby is the smartest in the world . I love having conversations with him, and am constantly amazed at what he retains from what we do. Today we went to the zoo, and hours later, he recalled all the noises the whale made, and the names that the zookeepers called each of the noises. He could nearly give a tour of the zoo, and excitedly tells me what we will see next before we've left an exhibit.

The downside of this retaining ability is that he remembers everything. Yesterday, as he woke from his nap, I took his binky out (only for bedtime, remember?). In a sleepy stupor, he whined "You're a toooool, Mommy!"

I was so impressed at how he used it in context, it was hard to make him apologize.

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