Monday, May 11, 2009

We Made it Monday: Container Garden

Last year, we were able to plant a small garden in the backyard. It was an experiment which yeilded more tomatoes than we'd ever eat, a few squash and strawberries, and some experience. With the planned move this year, we decided to go the container garden route.

At the farmer's market a few weekends back, we picked up some starts: strawberries, a salad mix and mustard greens for the lizards. I've also got some greens and squash started, as well as some herbs for kitchen pots.

Stinky decided to lend a hand, mostly wanting to stick the spade into each pot, most of all when we'd finished planting in it.

The garden is now in place along the side of our porch- a kitchen container with a tomato plant and lots of lettuces, lizard (mustard) greens, and lots, and lots of strawberries. The porch is too narrow for anything like a bench or chairs, but the side gets sun all day long, and it should pick up some rain here, too.


Tami said...

beautiful garden!!

Jennifer said...

FB and I are thinking about starting a container garden this year too. Hopefully soon :)