Friday, August 7, 2009

Disconnecting, again

We're off on a small trip starting Sunday, and I'm disconnecting until we get back. WBH has a conference on the other side of the mountains, and Stinky and I get to tag along. We'll be exploring Yakima and enjoying the hotel swimming pool. We might see if we can find some u-pick place, and I hear there's a skating rink not too far out of town, so we may try that as well.

Anyone have any suggestions for trips with toddlers? This isn't our first trip away, but he's so mobile and able to express discontent, when compared to the beach house trips, that I'm a little nervous.

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Liz said...

Portable dvd player saved my life when we moved and went on our long trips. I also got some party goody bags of Cars (Brenin's fav.) and got some dollar toys and every hour or so I had a new one to pull out for the boys, distracted them pretty well. If he likes to draw if you don't have one, get one of those doodle pro's everything is contained and he can draw and erase and not lose the pen since its attached!