Monday, August 3, 2009


We had our internet hooked up this morning. We survived the move and subsequent cleaning in the heatwave as well as a violently ill kid, which really should warrant an emergency state. One day I bent over and thanked NoNuts just for staying out of the way. I have learned a lot this week.

I learned that WBH loves me more than I can imagine, for tolerating my grumpiness in the heat and chaos, and for sending me away to a craft fair during Stinky's stomach flu. I learned to read Stinky's pre-vomiting cues well enough to enable me to save the floor. Sort of. I learned that I am a maker, and I don't like going a day without working on creating something. I became pretty addicted to those silly knit washclothes while waiting to be a puke-catcher.

I learned why some moms steal their children's ritalin. It seemed that ther wasn't enough Dr. Pepper in the world last weekend. Moving, a heatwave, and a sick two-year-old: These are things that are difficult enough on their own. Doing them concurrently? Well, it isn't for sissies.

I learned that I am so blessed by both the family I was born into and the family I married into. Without everyone's help, this move wouldn't have happened. I learned that I need solo time more than I knew I did. It lets me clear my head and refreshes me.

I learned that a home is defined my its inhabitants. I liked our rental a lot. It's just three blocks away, and I drove past it the other day. It looks sort of lifeless now. Our new home, while it still has that uninhabited for a year smell and isn't what we plan for it to be, feels alive, nurturing. She's a sweet old lady, and I'm happy she's ours.

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