Monday, February 21, 2011

back to before

(Stinky hasn't wanted his picture taken in his sling because he's afraid people will laugh at him. I told him I thought it was cute. He doesn't want people thinking that either. WBH had to talk him into it.)

So part of my 30 before 30 goals was to blog 7 days a week, but for now I am going to scale back. I like blogging, I like putting something interesting on here- but I don't like it when I put stuff up here just for the sake of meeting that goal. So, for now, I'm checking it off the list. I did it for a month and a half, and maybe I'll build to it again, but for now, broken bones, baby becoming mobile, and a husband that likes to talk to me (crazy, what?), I'm bringing it back a little. I hope your weekend was a good one.


Chiconky said...

He's "Very tough looking" (and adorable!).

balloongal said...

Yeah, bragging rights. "I'm so tough, I broke my collarbone at 4."

krystaface said...

I'm with the others... I think it makes him look manly and rugged! (Well, as manly and rugged as an adorable heart-strings tugging 4 year old can look!)