Friday, February 25, 2011



(In case you were wondering,the couch is where my wild things are often found, taking brief breaks from their adventures .)

It was a rough night for everyone around these parts. It included way too much crying and way too little sleep. The only sleep I can say that I'm certain I got was sitting upright in a chair where I zonked out while feeding Rotten. As a result, the night and morning have pretty much blended together and somewhere in there, I became a huge jerk. A massive headache hit me. Stinky woke early, woke Rotten and me, got into everything in the bedroom he knows he isn't supposed to, and spoke as loudly as humanly possible. I haven't had a drink in my life, but I swear sleep deprivation has given me a hangover.

I'm glad my children are so forgiving. I hope they won't remember days like this. The plan for the day is to get Rotten down for a nap, then to clean the jerk-i-ness right out of me. Then it's all Dr. Pepper, movies, knitting and baking. The plan for the weekend is to stay warm and do as little as possible. What about you?


earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

I thought something similar the other day. "Man, I hope my kids remember all the fun things I've done with them instead of all the times when I've been a jerk."

Hope the weekend can cure you and give you some more sleep!

johnniebelinda said...

Looks like the book has calmed the wild things . They are adorable!

Saun said...

Sorry, hope your weekend goes better.Sounds like you need a Mommy's day out it will get better.They look like they are enjoying the book cute pic

balloongal said...

I hear you. Last night I had a meltdown after the kids hurt my feelings by complaining about the food I fixed AGAIN (Jeremy loves it) and didn't say Please or Thank You when I got them cake and ice cream but just demanded their spoons. Today I was feeling a little overwhelmed with so many things that "need" to be done, so this evening instead of doing dishes or any other cleaning, I sat and cuddled with all three kids while we watched a movie (baby slept on my shoulder). We needed it.
And I get those headaches from the rough nights, too.