Monday, April 18, 2011

How Freddie Mercury Answered My Prayer


Yesterday I sat in the mother's lounge at church, half-listening as they piped in the speakers from the chapel. My mind wandered to the events of this last week- my grumpiness and frustrations with the boys and myself. I thought about what it was I needed to change this week, and prayed I'd get the answers, the opportunity, and the motivation I needed.

This morning, I woke before Stinky- got dressed, put on music, had his breakfast on the table and ready to go. He woke and came downstairs. As is his nature, he couldn't hold still once he heard music. I scooped him up and we danced in the kitchen. The words stood out to me, and as many songs often do, took on a greater meaning when heard as a mother. In the Queen song, I found my job description as mother to my boys.

Whenever this world is cruel to me

I got you, to help me forgive

Oh, you're the first one

When things turn out bad

You know I'll never be lonely

I'm happy (happy at home)

You're my best friend

So we danced the song out. He sat to eat, and I kept moving with my morning tasks, but it stuck in my mind. It is my job to teach him, to discipline him, to prepare him - but it's also my job to protect him, to be a safe place he can come to. It's funny, the places the answers to our prayers come from, isn't it?

I hope your week is off to the same great start mine is. The sun is shining, and we're going to prepare eggs for mailing today. Happy Monday!


Christy said...

Um, those mailed eggs are SO COOL! Thanks for sharing--I think we'll have to do that tomorrow!

Chiconky said...

I needed this today. As I drove to work I was reflecting on an article about anger, and thinking about all the times I scold my son, get frustrated, discipline. "It is my job to teach him, to discipline him, to prepare him - but it's also my job to protect him, to be a safe place he can come to." This is going to be my mantra for the week. Wish me luck!

James and Elizabeth said...

Sweet. So glad your Monday was off to a good start. We had a pretty fun day ourselves. Party on my friends.

Heather said...

I just saw your comment on cjane's blog & felt like "Hey, I know her! She's my livejournal friend!!" hehe :)

Then I came here & saw you were doing the same thing we were doing from the same blog we saw it on (the egg mailing from giverslog) & I was like, "Huh. Small webworld!"

(Unfortunately the eggs are a bit pricey from Canada to the U.S., so we ended up mailing 4 in one envelope & 5 in another to my nieces & nephews instead of the cool stamp-on-the-egg method which is so much cooler :)