Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a really. good. day.

Spring Break was so busy, it seems like it was here and instantly gone. We took a day trip with my mother and sister into Seattle on Friday, to the Science Center and to the fountain. space needle

Stinky took his camera on the trip, too, and it kept him busy in the crowd at the butterfly house.

camera man

Ultimately, the science center was so crowded that we left early to picnic and play near the fountain. Stinky and I played tag.


While Rotten napped in the gorgeous spring weather

stroller nap

Being there in the sunshine turned Stinky into '50 degree shirt's off guy' stating "I'm going to take off my shirt and run into the fountain . That's my decision, guys" WBH got this picture at the one moment he held still:

fountain rainbow

We drove the long route home, where we could watch paragliders floating down and Stinky said quietly, "Mom, this was a really. good. day. "


Mama D said...

I love it. And I am terribly jealous of your weather!

James and Elizabeth said...

We need to do a Seattle trip together sometime. James and I are to chicken to get out and explore on our own. It looks like a REALLY GOOD DAY.

Hope your family is feeling better today. it's not fun, when Mama's sick, and to kiddos not quite themselves.

balloongal said...

Awww. Really. good. day. :) I love hearing things like that.