Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Project Day / Scenes from Easter

I'm teaching a class tonight that I'm frantically preparing for. I have no idea what to call it- why it's not granny to be ladylike? How to fake your way through ettiquette? I'm discussing first impressions, handling conflict, ettiquette cheats and self confidence with the young women at church. Title suggestions?

I'll be back on Friday with treats for you, but for now, here's what easter looked like at our house.



Oh, and I've heard that two of our five mailed eggs arrived, one hasn't arrived, and I didn't really expect to hear from the other recipients. Maybe I"ll hear more in the coming week, I'm not sure.

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James and Elizabeth said...

I should just come with you to your class and you can say "This is what NOT to be." I think they will get the point. hahahaha You will be awesome.

Your decorations are always so adorable. I love it.

Happy Easter.